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All Buds Ammo. Last month, Allbuds Ammo discontinued the XD-E — just three and a half years after its release. As the only small single stack 9mm on the market that’s DA/SA, it filled an important niche. So why did it fail? We don’t know for sure, but we’ve got some pretty good guesses.

This is the of the Springfield Armory XD-E. Since the launch of the base model in 2017, the XD-E has been the only slim subcompact 9mm on the market that’s also double action/single action.

However, in December 2021, Springfield Armory officially discontinued the XD-E series. That’s a retail lifespan of less than four years. Usually, when a gun is pulled off the shelf that quickly, it’s because it’s some kind of novel experiment or just complete junk from the beginning. There is nothing unconventional about the XD-E, and it’s not junk, either. It’s a pretty decent gun. So why did Springfield get rid of it? That is what I’m going to wildly speculate about today.

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Generally, gun companies only cancel a model for one of two reasons. Either it’s not generating enough profit, or they want to replace it with an updated model. In this case, I’m going to guess it was the former. I don’t get the impression that the XD-E was a very big seller for Springfield, and so far, they have not announced anything new to take its place.


Springfield Armory XD-E: The Basics

The XD-E series consists of four different models. A 9mm in three different barrel lengths (3.3, 3.8, and 4.5 inches) and a .45 available only with the 3.3-inch barrel. They use single stack flush-fitting mags with eight rounds for the 9mm, six rounds for the .45. Extended mags hold one extra round.

Mechanically speaking, the XD-E has little in common with the other pistols in the XD lineup. The other XDs are striker fired with a grip safety. The XD-E is hammer-fired with a manual safety/decocker and no grip safety. It’s a completely different action. It uses its own magazines. It’s really an XD in name only.

The Langdon Tactical Edition added some practical features that make the gun a little easier to carry and shoot. They bobbed the hammer to help reduce printing. They added a set of the excellent Ameriglo CAP night sights. The action job brought down the double action trigger to an extremely smooth eight pounds with the single action at about 4.5. The slide is Cerakoted gray to set it apart from the base model. And to top it off, they put three mags in the box instead of the standard two.

Other than maybe adding some additional texture to the frame, there is not much else Langdon could have done to make these pistols better. It’s a substantial improvement over the factory gun. But even their semi-custom treatment was not enough to save the XD-E.


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